Submission Guidelines

Accepting submissions for Imbolcthe ReawakeningDeadline 1-25-19.  Submit up to 2 poems and 1 short story for consideration.


Scarlet Literary Magazine is a themed quarterly online magazine. All work submitted should reflect the current theme.  Although we will publish any style of writing, we prefer rhymed and metered verse along with literary horror.  That said, we also have a penchant for the quirky and bizarre, so please, feel free to send us your writings, no matter how eccentric they, or you, may be.  Please include name and contact information on all work submitted.  A brief bio, of approximately 75 words, along with an author photo (not required) is appreciated, for inclusion in publication.

For future themes and deadlines, please click here Upcoming Themes

Simultaneous submissions

We do not encourage you to submit your work to more than one publication at a time.  If the work you submit to us has been accepted elsewhere, prior to publication, please contact us as soon as possible to withdraw your work.


Submit up to 3 poems per issue.  If you have special formatting we will try our best to maintain it as long as it fits within the parameters that we have to work with.

Short Stories, Articles and Essays

Submit one story per issue.  We prefer stories to be double-spaced.  Word Count should be approximately 5,000 words or less.  Preference is given to stories that ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’.

Spoken Word

Send us your mp3 files. Spoken Word does not need to adhere to a particular theme.

Art & Photography

Submit up to 2 pieces per issue.

How to Submit

We do design paper for use on our site and may add a background image or artwork to the page your work appears on.  Please submit any poetry, prose, author bio or story on plain, white, un-lined paper, and without any sort of background image.

We only accept electronic submissions.   Please use our secure online submission manager, which can be found by clicking on the following link:

Submit to Scarlet Literary Magazine

Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Works (.wps), Word Perfect (.wps) and Rich Text (.rtf) are the preferred formats for your work.  Please do not include your work in the body of an email.  Although we will check for obvious spelling and grammatical errors, we ask you to proofread your work prior to sending it to us.

Email inquiries and correspondence may be sent via the online submission manager(above link) or through our Contact Form .  Using these forms will direct your mail to the editor, and not to our spam folder. ** We prefer that you send your submissions through our submission manager. **


If the work you submit to us has been previously published, that’s ok.  We will gladly make a notation alongside your work, if you provide the information.

Please note that if we reject your work it is not a personal attack on you.  Your work just didn’t strike the right chord with this editor.

Although we are not opposed to ‘pushing-the-envelope’ of creativity and suggestion, we will not publish work that is overtly sexual or riddled with foul language.

At this time, Scarlet Literary Magazine is a non-paying publication.

Copyrights / Publishing Rights Information

All authors, artists and photographers retain all rights to their work.  By submitting your work to us, you grant us the electronic* right to publish your work online and store it in our archives section for the particular issue of Scarlet in which it appeared.  If, at any time, you wish to have your work removed from our online site, and/or archived files, please notify us in writing.

Do not copy, reprint or reproduce any material contained in this magazine in any manner without the written consent of the owner.

*This may change slightly, to include one time publication rights, when and if we provide a printable version.  We will update this site and advise any submitters of any such changes.