Spoken Word – Vol. 1 Iss. 1

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We hope you enjoy listening to the following 14 tracks sent to us by several poets – just click on the links below to listen.  Information on the contributors can be found under our contributor section by clicking on the poet’s name.  Also, if you have a recording that you’d like to share, please see our submission guidelines – we’d love to hear from you.                  ~ Enjoy

Volume 1.  Issue 1. Spoken Word

Author                                    Track Listing

Roxanne Hoffman

                                                    1. This Kiss

                                                    2.  Once Bitten

                                                    3. The Last Vestige

                                                    4. Joan

                                                    5.  A Vampire’s Lament

John Dotson

                                                    6. May the Dark Be What Defines Her

                                                     7. A Glance in Backlit Shadows

                                                     8.  Orange Line Girl

Stephen Wilson

                                                       9.  Water

                                                     10. New Myth

                                                     11. Conjuror

Mary Rae                                                      
                                                    12.  Tabula Rasa

Stephen J. Smith                                     
      (with Enda Reilly)               13.  September 1913 (W.B. Yeats)                        
                                                     14. Ticking Clock              




#’s 6 & 7 “May the Dark be What Defines Her” and “A Glance in Backlit Shadows were previously published in Romantics Quarterly.

#12 “Tabula Rasa” was previously published in Romantics Quarterly.

# 2  Text for “Once Bitten” originally appeared in print in Poems Volume 10 The Riverside Poetry Workshop (New York Public Library), Edited by Arthur Bitterman and has been reprinted online in SNM Magazine.

# 5 Text for “A Vampire’s Lament” first appeared in print in Nomad’s Choir.

#’s 4 & 3 Text for “Joan” and “The Last Vestige”  were published online in Lucid Rhythms.

Header photo: courtesy of Jonny_Oz of morguefile.com