Janice Thompson RobertsScarlet Staff

Editor-in-chief / Publisher
Janice Thompson-Levitt (previously Roberts)

I’ve had an interest in poetry and literature for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I penned my first book of poetry (and still have it somewhere).  I have fond memories of poetry readings (instead of watching television) with my Grandmother, nieces and nephews.  Those too young to read were required to make something up.  Not fully grasping the idea of how to do that, one nephew contributed “Why did the cow jump off the roof?”  My niece answered with her rendition (heavily based on a TV commercial) of  “Make Me a Sandwich”. Interestingly, some of them have gone on to pen their own poetic works.

Publishing Scarlet is my hobby and gives me a venue to express my interest in poetry, art, photography and short stories by bringing together an eclectic mix of writers and artists from around the world.

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Student Editor
Andy Thompson

Musically-inclined from an early age, Andy enjoys playing the trumpet, french horn and guitar.  Andy is one of our featured student poets appearing in issue one.  He joined Scarlet as the Student Editor when he was 18.


Evan GarzonStreet Team Captain
Evan Thompson-Garzon

Evan began working for Scarlet when he was a high-school freshman. His important role included enthusiastically assisting the editor for over two years during the planning phase by providing inspirational messages, contributing ideas and handing out business cards.  He was in charge of passing out promotional items and assisting the editor with advertising activities.  Evan writes poetry and short stories. His work can be found within our pages.

Buddy Roberts


Buddy T. Roberts (April 2000 ~ August 2015)
(just gimme snacks…that’s how I roll)

My long-time Muse and best friend, Buddy Thompson Roberts, passed away on August 24, 2015.  He is now resting among the dahlia garden.

R.I.P. Little Buddy.



As editor, I read all submissions and make all final decisions regarding publication in this magazine.  However, if I have trouble deciding on a piece of work, I may ask volunteer readers to offer their opinions.    As you may or may not know, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making this publication possible.  I’d like to publicly thank the following people for their assistance with reading, editing, etc.  You’ve all made my job a lot easier.

Thanks to:

Vol. I

Issue 1 – Death & Immortality: Teri Manley for reading & photography

Issue 2 – Siren Songs: Jessica Ulsky for reading; Rywyn for help with editing

Issue 3 – Odes to The Moon: Jessica Ulsky, Cathy Sofich & Andres Garzon for reading;
Teri Manley for use of her moon photos;
Carol McNamara Hamilton & Mattie Hamilton for use of their full moon
photography worked into the background image of the pages of this issue; and
Morguefile photographers for use of their work

Issue 4 – Halcyon Days
: Cathy Sofich for reading; and Donna Gonzales, Judy Thompson Dubal & Kristy Garzon for use of photographs

Volume II:

Issue 1: Cathy Sofich & Susan Bruno for assistance in paper selection; Andres Garzon, Cathy Sofich & Teri Manley for reading; and playingwithbrushes@flickr for background images

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Our mission is plain and simple: To provide a place for authors & artists to display their work and for lovers of such artistic works to enjoy!

We have made every attempt to be accurate in our acknowledgments and credits for any work used within this site, including poetry, prose, stories, photography, art and spoken word.  If something appears to be amiss, kindly contact us and we will make any necessary corrections.

Header image, Fairy and Owls, Richard Doyle (1824-1883)